Many homeowners rush into the construction process without a proper plan, and doing so is often a costly mistake. Without clear goals, you risk exceeding your budget or designing a house that does not meet their needs. No matter your goals or budget, we will walk you through each step, and you will be able to make your decisions with confidence.


If you want to find a team of construction experts on whom you can depend, you have come to the right place. Yellow Hat Construction will work with you to build your dream home. After we learn the type and style of design you are looking for, our designers and architects will begin to plan your project and create the blueprints.


The ability to first help our clients achieve a broad and in-depth understanding of their project needs and scope; and then develop a comprehensive preconstruction plan that fully meets those criteria. Our preconstruction services are tailored to suit each project’s specific needs and include expertise in:


• Estimating and Budgeting

• Design and Construction scheduling

• Constructability reviews

• Value Engineering

• Formal and Informal project partnering

• Site Logistics and Planning

• As-Built Analysis

• Virtual Construction/Building Information Modeling

• Virtual Cost Modeling

• Quality-Control Planning

• Permit acquisition

• LEED analysis

• Life-Cycle cost analysis / Total Cost of Ownership Analysis


Benefits of Pre-Construction:


• Review feasibility of design and address potential conflicts early in the process.

• Propose cost-effective construction methods to be incorporated into the design.

• Offer added features and details and materials to save time and money to be incorporated.

• Prepare preliminary construction schedules and budgets.

• Oversee and expedite the permit process.


We will also work with a customer’s Design Team to help guide the owner in the right direction.